c/o Gerd exhibits at Natural and organic Products Europe

Me and my sister Anna-Lena started our dream 2008. The location was a modified basement in Swedish Lapland, Jokkmokk. Our goal was to create organic products with raw materials from Swedish Lapland.


We named our brand c/o Gerd. The truth is that both of us was tired of all petrochemical products with no higher goals but to be sold. We felt that knowledge for humans, environments and animals best interest don’t cope with raw materials like mineraloil, Crm subjects; (carcinogens, reproductive damaging and mutagenic inhibitory substances allowed in conventional petrochemical products) was NOT in our dream. Our mother Gerd is a role model for us. The way how she thinks and act, preserving natures gifts are much inspiring.

Today we have a factory in Jokkmokk on 800 Sqm. We serve over 200 Salons, Spas and pharmacies in Sweden with over 70 different organic products. We export to Belgium and Japan.